Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneak Peek: Mallory Alisabeth

So we can't wait for our stuff to get here - it seems like it's been FOREVER since we watched the movers put it on the truck last May! But supposedly we should be able to get it the beginning of next week :) This news has definitely made us tres happy!
Although Camelot's Treasures might have snagged a bit of a snafu - the movers/packers broke my loyal sewing machine - Mallory Alisabeth still plans on hitting the ground running! While we are waiting, impatiently, for the day, we have decided to make a little sneak preview video with some of the jewelry that Mallory has made since her last posting.

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Check it out - tell us what you think - and rest assured we will be satisfing your hunger for more things Camelot's Treasures and Mallory Alisabeth!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moving Day

So the day has finally come that we will be moving into our new house for the next 3 years. After all our stuff gets here and we are completely settled, I plan on writing a post about what to expect when moving. I can tell you the past few months have definitely been a very intense learning experience, that I hope can be avoided next time!

And as soon as we get settled, I will be opening my shop back up :) WOO HOO! It will be a little semblance of sanity in my crazy world called life!