Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mini Valentine Cards - Free with any purchase

Who doesn't love recieving Valentine's Day Cards? This year, I decided that we HAD to make mini Valentine's Day cards for the girls. So I did. And they came out totally cute!

(By the way, I made them using some pretty graphics that I purchased from Etsians Peach Pops Clipart and Mystic Pixel.)

Well, being the unselfish person that I am, I wanted to share this cuteness with ALL of my loyal Camelot's Treasures' anyone who makes a purchase from today until February 14th, will recieve a complimentary mini Valentine's Day card to share with their American Girl Doll. This includes ALL clothing, not just the Valentine's Day-inspired outfits. And if you have more than one doll, and need a couple more, than just let me know and they will be on their way!

♥ YAY for Valentine's Day! ♥

Check out all the fun new outfits at Camelot's Treasures so you can get one of these super cute cards yourself :)

What's New Wednesday - Valentine's Dresses

Hearts can be found all over the place in Camelot's Treasures right now - I just finished 4 fun Valentine-inspired dresses! Plus, there are 2 more that are just as pretty, and perfect for the upcoming spring!

The girls had a great time during the photo shoot - and were such troopers in the cool temps - that I had to throw a little fun into the mix. Can you spot MY American Girl in the mix?

Monday, January 10, 2011

What's New Wednesday - Fabulous Felicity Frocks!

Although Felicity and Elizabeth are gone from our American Girl Catalogs, they are forever in our hearts! Mallory was lucky enough this past Christmas to recieve both Felicity and Elizabeth, and we honestly believe these are the prettiest American Girl Dolls EVER! So what better way to commerate our favorite girls then making some pretty colonial dresses to share with you.

This week's new item is

Blue Flowers Colonial Dress

This dress is hot fresh from the sewing machine, so I haven't taken the really GOOD pictures of it, but you get a sneak peek of the next thing listed in the shop. I have some other pretty prints ready to be sewn up too, all great for Felicity and Elizabeth to feel at home in!

By the way, notice the new doll? What a treasure she is - an original Pleasant Company Felicity in great condition! Her hair is a bit loved, so I'm thinking I'll get her some fun wigs to liven her up a bit. Oh, and her name is Vivian - she'll fit in perfect with the rest of the girls (Ruthie, Lanie, and Delilah)!

Keep a look out in the store to find this dress and other new outfits to be listed soon at Camelot's Treasures!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

WOW! It's amazing to see another year come and go, seemingly more quickly than the last. And this year, was a real doozy, with our big move to Italy - but we managed to survive, 6 months later and none the worse for wear.

Unfortunately this past year I was not able to put in all that I wanted into the store, a constant game of catch up, re-organization, or waiting for supplies. But enter January 2011, and I think I am finally at a place that will be start a successful year full of fun new things for Camelot's Treasures. Some things that will be re-introduced this year are more blog submissions (at least 2 times a week) and things that are brand spanking new, are contests/giveaways every few months.

Ok, we all know that I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog. I promise I try to, but it always seems to get pushed aside. This year, however, I'm setting up a special schedule that will include time spots for specific thing and the blog has made it to the list! So, every Wednesday, I will have a “What’s New Wednesday” a new post featuring some item you can find in the store - not only will this be a great reminder of the great fashions in Camelot's Treasures, but will also keep me motivated to list AT LEAST one new item a week! “Fabulous Finds Fridays” will be a post on Fridays that feature fabulous finds of things I have found online or love way – a great showcase of artisans/crafters you might not have seen before.
In the works, but not guaranteed at the moment, will also be a "Mental Mallory Monday" post, with Mallory writing - your guess is as good as mine, what might be on there! And "Teamsters Tuesday" where I will post interesting things that teams that I participate with, are doing - what a great way for you to meet the other wonderful artisans/crafters that I deem friends.

I'm planning on having at least 3 giveaway/contests throughout this year, which gives you more chances to win great stuff from Camelot's Treasures! Actually one will start tomorrow (you'll find out more information in the next post), to help celebrate my 30th birthday! There is also one in the process (still formulating the details) starting either in February and March, which includes a fun challenge for me - sneak peek: I'll have to list one thing a day for an ENTIRE month!

Some of you may already know this, but I have become a premium partner with Liberty Jane Clothing. This means that some of the outfits that I make will have pieces made using doll patterns from Liberty Jane Patterns, which are trendy and fun for all doll lovers. I'm SOOO excited about this!
Also, I'll be working on more accessories for dolls, such as purses, head wear, and even pet beds!

Like I said, there will be a lot going on in 2011, and it's going to be a great year! So keeping check back, so you don't miss anything!

You can also keep up-to-date with and on Twitter (!/camelottreasure).