Monday, January 10, 2011

What's New Wednesday - Fabulous Felicity Frocks!

Although Felicity and Elizabeth are gone from our American Girl Catalogs, they are forever in our hearts! Mallory was lucky enough this past Christmas to recieve both Felicity and Elizabeth, and we honestly believe these are the prettiest American Girl Dolls EVER! So what better way to commerate our favorite girls then making some pretty colonial dresses to share with you.

This week's new item is

Blue Flowers Colonial Dress

This dress is hot fresh from the sewing machine, so I haven't taken the really GOOD pictures of it, but you get a sneak peek of the next thing listed in the shop. I have some other pretty prints ready to be sewn up too, all great for Felicity and Elizabeth to feel at home in!

By the way, notice the new doll? What a treasure she is - an original Pleasant Company Felicity in great condition! Her hair is a bit loved, so I'm thinking I'll get her some fun wigs to liven her up a bit. Oh, and her name is Vivian - she'll fit in perfect with the rest of the girls (Ruthie, Lanie, and Delilah)!

Keep a look out in the store to find this dress and other new outfits to be listed soon at Camelot's Treasures!

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