Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're moving!

So I know it's been a while since I lost sat down and wrote on this blog, and I should have. I think at one point I actually did type up a whole article, but for some reason there was an error and it all went away - so I gave up.
Anyway, here I am now telling you that we are moving. To Italy. Yeah, I know right, ITALY! Wow!

Ok, excitement aside, with the move, unfortunately we have to close down for a few months. Partly because my husband wouldn't allow me to shove all of my wonderful items into the suitcases to fly with us, but MOSTLY because it's stressful enough already, adding store stuff would just be insane! BUT, let me tell you, I miss the store ALREADY! It's only been a month since I closed the shop's "virtual" doors, but I'm egging to jump back in with all the wonderful ideas I have.
That being said, I have not stopped working. Right now I'm working on some new projects that I would like to add to the store when I open back up. Like futon couches, bean bag chairs, etc. Super cute - will post pictures later! ANNNNNNNND before I left Maine, I purchased some special gifts to include with all future purchases - which I'm totally psyched about (I know you will be too)!
Well now you know what's going on in the world of Camelot's Treasures and my own personal world. Don't feel neglected if you don't hear from us in a while - we promise we will be back ASAP (hoping for a re-opening no later than Labor Day). Keep checking back to get updated and feel free to "LIKE" us on Facebook for fun updates - I'll be adding pictures and tidbits of information every once in awhile. We are at!/pages/Camelots-Treasures/133763559872?ref=ts.
So ta-ta for now (TTFN), enjoy your summer and we will see you soon! ~ Guin

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