Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's New Wednesday - Casual Sophistication

Who doesn't love Clearance racks? Well you can't keep this girl from trolling through the racks, perusing through some interesting items to find the treasures. A few weeks ago, I was doing just this and found some great finds, despite the questioning doubts of my husband and my daughter who kept letting me know that those were not my size (thanks, I know I'm not a size 5, Mallory, thank you very much for reminding me!). The other day, I decided to finally sit down and start on repurposing these pieces into some sophisticated outfits.

This week's new item is this pretty, sophisticated yet casual outfit. The trousers are a silvery gray, and the 3/4 inch length sleeved shirt features a pretty plum purple with a flower doo-dad for a little more pizazz. I ♥ it - I could totally see myself wearing this concoction!

Unfortuantely, just about an hour ago, it struck me: Cripes! It's Wednesday! The pants were finished yesterday, but the shirt was giving me a headache so I had put it aside. So I quickly finished the shirt, to stick to my plan of getting this blog post out. Hence the fact the picture is not "listing-ready". I think I'll add another accessory to, maybe a headband, maybe a purse - who knows now. That means this outfit won't be posted in the store for a few more days; but you can definitely check out all the great outfist already there!

Check back next week, the plans are to have some BFC Ink doll clothes done next week! Our Addison is in dire need of more outfits, she's kind of sick of her purple pants and blue tee.

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