Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's New Wednesday - I'm B-aaaaaaa-ck!

So today, I put some finishing touches on some new outfits.  Then I took them out with all 7 of our dolls (Ruthie, Lanie, Delilah, Vivian, Felicity, Elizabeth, and Angelica) to do our photo shoot.  Two hours later, VIOLA, some new listings for the store!

Here's what's in store for Camelot's Treasures the next few days (I'm limiting myself to listing only 2 a day):


Military Blues

Love Birds

Peasant Style

Summer Dresses

Trip to the Zoo

In other news....I finally bit the bullet and registered Camelot's Treasures as a domain name.  So it's official that Camelot's Treasures NOW has their very own website.  Check it out at here - it's a bit sparse right now, but give me some time and I'll have it just like a full-fledged website.

That's it for now, now to start cutting some outfits so I can keep up the productivity.  Oh and finish my school work so I can finally finish my semester of school.

Ciao Bellas!

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