Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Olympics Giveaway

Ok, I know ALL of you have been watching the Olympics.  Every four years, I can't help but get excited to see all the awesome athletes show off their talent and heart to win the gold.  Every four years, I end up watching a new sport, and/or learning about an event that I didn't realize was a part of the Olympics. However, my favorite has been and will always be Gymnastics.  The grace and strength that a gymnast has just amazes me!  

So when I saw that Stacy and Stella posted on their Facebook page that THEY were looking for pattern testers for a leotard, I jumped on it!  Here's Bridget modeling our version of the leotard in red and silver (go Team USA!):
Ouch, can you do that?
She "stuck" her landing!

After submitting my feedback, I decided that this leotard was too cute to just keep to myself.  One lucky Camelot's Treasures' fan will get a chance to win this fantastic leotard, so their doll can join in the Olympic spirit!

All YOU have to do is comment on this blog - that's it!  Comment on the Olympics or whatever, just be sure to leave your email address (or your parent's) so you can be contacted if you are the lucky winner.  If you would like an extra entry, share it on Facebook or Twitter - but be sure to tag us, so we see it! The winner will be announced on Sunday, August 12th, when the closing Olympics Ceremony will be.  Easy peasy :)

Of course, not everyone entered will be able to get this leotard for FREE, however there will be more listed in the shop soon.  Or, if you're a fellow seamstress, then check out Stacy and Stella's Etsy shop for this or several other fabulous patterns!


  1. My 6 year old and I are watching womans Gymnastic! And the leotard would look so cute on Kit!

  2. I would LOVE to enter! My email is: email@americangirlfan.com

    We're watching the USA gymnasts now, they are amazing!! This leotard looks a lot like the one they are wearing too. :)

    Thanks for the chance!


  3. I loved their red leotards tonight, so sparkly :) I can't wait to see what they wear on their individuals.

  4. I have been enjoying the gymnastics as well. But I am having a great time rooting for Team USA in all the events they are televising! I'm not a huge sports person, but there is something about the best athletes in our country going up against those from other countries that brings out the sports enthusiast in me! GO TEAM USA! This is an adorable leotard...I have been looking for a nice pattern to make for my dolls. I love your blog and thanks for this amazing opportunity!! My email is pudgenkay@yahoo.com


  5. My daughter has loved watching the gymnastics in the Olympics especially since she just finished reading the new American Girl book about McKenna.

  6. Love to enter! The gymnastics were amazing this Olympics. charlieriley819@gmail.com

  7. Oh man. My daughter would LOVE to win this!

  8. I enjoy watching the gymnastics competitions with my daughter! michael_brooke@hotmail.com

  9. We really enjoyed the gymnastics events this year! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  10. Only a couple more days to enter - so glad to see several people joining in :)

  11. Thanks for adding the Name/URL option. The red and white leotard is just so sharp - it looks a lot like the team leotard my gymnasts wore years ago. Gymnastics is my favorite Olympic sport by far and I am so sad the Olympics are now over.