Monday, September 30, 2013

Design Inspiration Contest

{ I need your help! }

I've been so busy with work-work (during the day I'm a chef at a local cafe), that I haven't had a lot of time to come up with my Outfits of the Month.  So I came up with this fun challenge, where one lucky winner will receive a { LIMITED EDITION } Outfit from Camelot's Treasures!


It's pretty easy.  You compile a bunch of pictures/images of outfits that you would like to see on your doll and ONE lucky winner will win an outfit that they "created" featured as the December 2013 Outfit of the Month in my Etsy shop.

{ The Deets }

This contest will start October 1st and end October 31st.
To enter our contest, first follow Camelot's Treasures on Pinterest.
Sample of a Outfit you can Pin
found on
Create a board called “Camelot's Treasures Design Inspiration.” Your board must have at least 1 pin, featuring an outfit you would like to see Camelot's Treasures make for the December Outfit of the month. If you need to make several pins to create the complete outfit, please write in the description that it's part of the same outfit (ie: Pants for Outfit #1, Shirt for Outfit #1, etc). You may enter several different outfits, just be sure to annotate it that way in each description.

Once you've created your board, post the link to your board in a comment to this blog so I can follow it.
Add the hashtag #camelotstreasurescontest to each pin with a description of what you like about the garments.
On November 1st, Camelot's Treasure will select several design entries and pin them to a special Semi-Finalist board.
The semifinalists will then be voted on by followers of Camelot's Treasures. Followers will vote by commenting on the pin of their favorite outfit on this board opened from November 2nd to November 15th. Repinning of your favorites are always welcomed!
On November 16th the semifinalist with most votes will be the grand prize winner and their design will be featured as Camelot's Treasure December 2013 Outfit of the Month. The winners designe will be available to purchase in Camelot's Treasures shop on Etsy the entire month of December!

{ The Prizes }

The grand prize winner of the contest will receive their Design Inspiration made for them for FREE (valued at between $29.99 to $49.99) and receive credit for the inspiration behind the design in the listing for the December 2013 Outfit of the Month in Camelot's Treasures Etsy shop.

Each of the runners up will receive a $5 gift certificate good towards any purchase in Camelot's Treasures.

{ Fine Print }

* Please get your parent's permission before entering this contest if you're under 18.
* Do NOT use original sketches or fashion designs - they will automatically be disqualified.
* Use pictures from anywhere on the internet (appropriate sites and/or pictures ONLY please) or feel free to scan in pictures and upload them on to Pinterest. Great sites to get Fashion ideas from are:,, or your favorite clothing shop sites.
* Be nice to other people and their design ideas - do not use derogatory language or bullying tactics to other competitors.
* The winner's idea will be used as the inspiration to the December 2013 Outfit of the Month being sold in Camelot's Treasures' Etsy shop. If you do not want your idea to be created and sold in the shop, please do not enter.
* Your outfit(s) should be inspired by the month of December, but don't feel like they have to be Holiday-related. It can be fancy or casual.
* Semi-finalist numbers will be selected based on the amount of entries received, but not to exceed 10.
* Remember to post the Pin Board you created as a comment to this blog.
* If you have any questions/comments/concerns, send an email to

{ Remember Entries will be accepted from October 1st to October 31st, so get pinning! }


  1. Can we enter more than once?

    1. Definitely! Just be sure that you put in your description that it's part of "Outfit #1" or "Outfit #4" or whatever.

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