Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Listings...Getting ready for the Holidays!

So the blog hasn't been getting much attention, with the craziness of our lives and then the upcoming Holiday Season, something always has to give. HOWEVER Mallory and I have been constantly working on stocking up our stores, and we are very excited about what we have to offer!

Some new things in Mallory's shop are:

Red and Silver Swirl Earrings

Black Tie Affair Earrings

Some new things in Camelot's Treasures are:

Black Floral Jumper

Purple Leopard Hoodie

Be sure to check back often for cool promotions and giveways, and of course NEW stuff!


  1. The purple leopard hoodie is just toooo cute.
    Pretty earrings too. How many hearts now? Should be oh, so close!!!!
    Have a great Thursday aft!

  2. Still holding at 5 hearts to go...but I put promoting off for a few days. Need to get things organized here before I start pushing it again!