Saturday, November 5, 2011

Holiday Projects Looming

So every year I tell myself that I am going to make some holiday ornaments.  That I'm going to get the whole family involved.  That it's going to be memorable.  Then it never happens.

Well this year, I'm on a mission.  Today, as we went on a quick shopping trip to buy a planter bottom for my new house tree (I think it's a ficus?), I saw some awesome things that would be great for this holiday project.  I convinced the hubs to buy us some stuff, and he seemed to get a bit excited too!

Here's our goodies:

So anyway, I figure since I actually put it out there for the world to see I HAVE to complete this project.  At the moment, the kids are trying to figure out what they want theirs to look like.  And I figure I'll scour the web for some awesome ideas for my own.

If you have any suggestions comment here, or shoot me an email -  I'd love to see how you've tackled a similar project!

Wish us luck!

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