Friday, August 3, 2012

School Bus Bunch - Fall Collection Released!

Did you notice yesterday, we started to list our new Fall Collection?

This year I have decided that I am making it a goal to make special collections for each season of the year, with a common theme in mind.  I started working on "Peace Be With You" with no clear concept in mind, but once it came together, I thought "Hey!  This would be a great first day of school outfit!"  And so the idea was formed to make a bunch of outfits inspired by the many girls and their different personalities.

As you can see, each girl and outfit has a different twist to it.  HOWEVER, the best part of all of these outfits are they are interchangeable, as are most wardrobes.  Don't want to wear a skirt with your oxford shirt - NO PROBLEM!  Pair it with a cute tank and your jeans for a fun look!  Or add a pair of legging's to the Class President Sheath, to dress-down her "election outfit".  Variety is the spice of life, right?!

Anyway, you can find these, and all of the fabulous fashions handmade by me, at Camelot's Treasures Etsy Shop.

♥ Oh, and BTW, did you already enter to win a FREE leotard made by me?  Check out this post to find out how! ♥

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