Friday, July 31, 2009

Picks of the Week - Week of 7/27 to 8/3

Forgive my lateness for this blog, I guess the addition of sunshine in our forecast has muddled my brain a bit! So here are the picks of this week!

This cute Yellow and Red Sundress is perfect for summer days! The yellow print, features varying sizes and styles of circles in orange, reds, and greens and the solid red top and hem completes it perfectly. I wasn't sure if the yellow and red would actually work, because I'm not a fan of that color combination, but now I'm convinced and it has become a favorite of mine! And to top of this outfit, a coordinating necklace is included with complimentary colors to the dress, made by my not-so-silent partner. You can find this outfit at

Since the opening of my store, my mom has become a bit jealous of all of my fun and has decided to join me. This Blue Daisy Jumper is so cute, perfect for all the adventures a doll can go in during the summer. Plus there is a glimmer! All over the blue print, there are pretty silver sequins sewn into the fabric. The yellow rick rack that decorates the faux pockets, hem and bodice matches perfectly with the yellow shirt that can actually be a mix and match piece. And on those REALLY hot summer days, this jumper could be worn by itself! You can find this outfit at

The last pick of this week is SOOO adorable! This outfit has it all: a shrug, a tank top, a skirt, a necklace, and a hair doo-dad. Oh yeah, and it's pink! What more could a doll ask for? To me, the thing that pushes the outfit over the top, is the cute little shrug. The shrug is made out of the same pink floral print the skirt is, HOWEVER it has a pretty hot pink ruffling around the neckline which makes it the piece to be had. What great mix and match this outfit has! Wouldn't the shrug look great with a comfortable pair of jeans, or the skirt with a pretty flowy blouse? We think so. You can check out this outfit at

You can check out all the new fashions at Camelot's Treasures at!

That's it for this week; be sure to check in next Tuesday (which I promise it will be there this time!) for the new picks of the week!

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