Friday, July 24, 2009

New Stores opening soon!

August is going to be a busy month for us! I have decided to branch out from just American Girl Doll Clothes and start making and selling other things that I enjoy just as much - holiday treasures. And Mallory has been begging me to open up a store for her, ever since I recieved my custom stamps from for Camelot's Treasures. So here's the lowdown.

Christmas in Camelot ( is planning on opening it's "doors" the middle of August. There will be loads of different holiday items, including stockings, ornaments, cards, placemats, etc...the list could go on forever. And the great thing about this new store will be the fact it will help my mom's recovery from double knee surgery go a bit faster - she has to take a break from the sewing pedal, and start working with her hands more. Mallory, my mom (Mary), and myself will be continously adding new things throughout the next few months, so keep an eye out for our new creations!

Mallory Alisabeth ( will be opening it's "doors" as soon as Mallory, my 7-year old daughter, gets her butt into gear and finishes some of her projects. She is planning on including jewelry for little girls, notecards, gift bags, gift boxes, year-long ornaments, and whatever may please her for that moment. Of course, she will have the help of myself, and if she asks nicely her dad, but all of her creations will be her solely her design. What a great way to help learn about economics and saving money, methinks!

Anyway, so that's the jist of the what is soon to come. All three stores will be using this same blog as means to communicate - mainly because it will be easier for me to keep up with - and any news and updates for any of the stores, you should be able to find here.

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