Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's New Wednesday - Going Green

I know it is REALLY easy to think that the reason I chose this week's new items are because it is March and St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. But that's not why I chose it, well not mainly anyway. I like the green because I'm eagerly waiting for spring to bless us with it's warmth and blooms; the green reminds me of fresh grass unearthing itself under the dreary cold!
So without further ado, this week's new item of the week is:
These may not be the EXACT outfits presented to be sold in the shop, but I will definitely have shirts and jeans just like these offered soon. Both the shirts and the jeans were made using Liberty Jane Patterns - uber cute, super stylish, and perfect fit!

Addison is so ready to be a part of our modeling team, so we promise there will be many fun outfits just for her and the rest of the BFC Ink bunch in the very near future. I'm really digging the posability of her, and this picture of her is a great one, I think.

Anyway, catch these and other great fashions at Camelot's Treasures. And check back next week for another great new item!

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