Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's New Wednesday - Nap Time for Bitty Baby

As some of you may know (at least those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter), Tyler, our boy Bitty Baby Twin, went MIA last week. We searched high and low for him, but he was nowhere to be found. I have a sneaky suspicion that he was visiting his twin sister, Tiffany, who lives in the Kentucky with grandma; but we don't really know. That's why I skipped a week of "What's New Wednesday" last week.

However, this morning, upon getting some socks unearthed from the pile of toys on Theron's floor, Tyler appeared, peeking out from under the bed. After welcoming him home, we immediately started figuring out how we were going to do a photo shoot today, in between spurts of rain.

So I present to you this week's new item is...drum roll please.....Bitty Baby Sleepers!

So far three are done and ready to be sold in the shop, however these are sewing up quick, and I'm excited to put in a bunch more. All of these rompers will fit both the Bitty Baby and the Bitty Baby Twins (even though I only have them pictured on the Twins). And they are super easy to put on for little kids, too....3 year old tested!

So check out on these fun new sleepers at Camelot's Treasures and be sure to check back for next week's "What's New Wedneday" item!


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