Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's New Wednesday - Spring Blooms

Oh yes, it is finally here. Through sheer will, the sun has re-joined us, and loveliness unearths itself to add a bit more color to the world. It's spring time! And what better way to start off the spring with some fun and pretty outfits featuring lovely spring time patterns!

This week's features are:

You can find them in Camelot's Treasures in the next few days, ready for you to add to a special Easter Basket!

And for any of you REALLY paying attention to this blog, I'm offering a special discount from April 1st through April 8th for Nice Girl Note followers. Check back for details on that!

On another note, we just added another BFC Ink doll to our collection, ready for more BFC Ink fashions to hit your home! I am so excited to now have Addison, Calista, Noelle, and Aliesha and I can wait to have CJ (the boy) to join us - we are still waiting for his delivery from Wal-Mart.

All right, that is all for this week. Be back here same time next week for more new items in Camelot's Treasures!

Ciao Bellas!

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