Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet Your Egg Hiders - Hooper and Valerie

Want to get to know the "egg hiders" a little better?  I did!  This great group of etsians volunteered to join me in my madness, and I wanted to share some information about them and their shops on my blog.  For the next few days, during the contest, I will feature one or two of them, so we can all get acquainted with this fine crafters and their shops!

First up is Hooper from Slidviscous Jewelry.

Warning Signs Sterling Silver Earrings

Whenever I see metal, shaped into cool designs, I find myself wishing that I could do that too - I mean REALLY?!  Superman abilities or not, bending metal is super awesome!  And that's what you can find in Slidviscous Jewelry.  Sterling Silver, Gold, and natural gems are used in creating the lovely jewelry finds in the shop. 
What is a fond memory of yours from Easter?
My parents always used to go crazy with the Easter Egg hunt. We used to live in rural Maine with a big yard and a lot of woods, which means a lot of good places to hide eggs, but I think that my parents took it a little too far. All the easy to find eggs, those hiding in the grass or in branches, were the first to go. Next, the harder to check places were scoured; under the deck, in the wood pile, or hiding behind rocks. Try as we might, my sister and I could never find them all, and we would always find eggs throughout the year, down in an old stump or squirrel hole, sitting there like tiny pastel time capsules. 

Next is Valerie from Knit By Valerie.

Be Mine Hat and Fingerless Gloves
 If you need some beautiful handknitted hats, scarves, and gloves, Knit By Valerie is a good place to look!  The vibrant colors and fun, detailed patterns leave me in awe - I wish I had half the patience of her to knit up such lovely items!  And on top of that, she donates 10% of her proceeds to several charitable organizations that help animals!
How do you celebrate Easter?
my workweek is saturday through tuesday (overnights, too), so i rarely get to celebrate easter anymore. however, as a house rabbit advocate, i encourage people to give stuffed and chocolate rabbits rather than the real thing. while i love rabbits, they are a lot of work to keep properly and a lot of "easter bunnies" end up at the shelter soon after the holiday is over. i know from experience--i volunteered in the rabbit room at my local shelter for 3 years. 

Have you found all the eggs and submitted your answer, yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Check out the blog for details if you need a reminder!  And search "easteregghunt" on Etsy for an easy way of finding the eggs!  Good Luck!

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