Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tantalizing Thursday: A Slacker's What's New Wednesday

I've been on a roll the past few weeks, being able to keep up with the "demand" of my "What's New Wednesday" feature, but this week....Well this week I obviously dropped the ball.  In the midst of transformer woes, moving my sewing machine, finishing up some uniforms (which was more work than I thought it was going to be), I wasn't able to create what my plan was for this week's feature in time.  So I decided, after I finished my "beta" testing projects, I would go ahead and post them here today - it actually stems from the goal of mine to do an entire month of steady blog articles, which I'm on my way :)

Without further ado.......
Going Green Lunch Accessories - lunch bag, snack bags (with velcro), and sandwhich wrap perfect to throw in the wash when used instead of the heaping pile of trash on our Earth!  Theron and I took a "test drive" this beautiful afternoon with these new items, and he was thrilled to see some of the fun fabrics - his favorite were the rodeo frogs.  (Don't mind the lunch bag I said this was my test run, so I grabbed some fabric I wouldn't mind messing up!)

I've been dabbling with the idea of making a new shop that would specialize in lifestyle accessories.  The last two contests/giveaways I participated in I donated some fabric bins/baskets, and really enjoyed doing it.  And I have LOADS of fabric sitting around that isn't the right style and/or size for doll clothing, but would be perfect for people-sized stuff.  Hoping for a summer opening of the store, if I feel that it would be a lucrative oppurtunity (feel free to comment and let me know what you think!).

Also this week, I've been listing new earrings for Mallory Alisabeth every day, and planning in a few days to start listing notepads.  She had a pretty successful showing at our first "craft fair" (which was actually a rummage sale, but we thought we would try), so she is gearing up for some future oppurtunities to sell and a summer full of creating!

That's it for today...Ciao, Bellas!


  1. New shop -- exciting!! I always think if I was ever to open a new shop on Etsy all the things I'd do differently than I did the first time! Do keep us posted on when this is going to happen - I have a niece who'll be going to daycare soon - she'll need a place to put her sandwiches!

  2. Those are cute! You HAVE been busy :)
    Robin (CreaitonsAnew)