Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's New Wednesday - European Vacation

A few years ago, I found this material that had a fun mesh look to it, without being tacky mesh.  I bought a yard of it, and brought it home, dreaming of outfits that I could make with it.  Unfortunately, I put it aside, and forgot about it.  The other day, I came across it again, and decided that I was finally going to put it to use.  Which then inspired me to go make another outfit that fit into a fun vacation-style ensemble - yes I too, will buy a new outfit JUST to go on vacation...

So here are today's new features:

These outfits will not be offered in the shop for at least another week.  They are both heading to Florence for a fun photo shoot - can't wait to see the pictures!  Of course you can always still check out Camelot's Treasures for other fun outfits for 18" dolls (including American Girl and BFC Ink Club)!

On a side note, today is my mom's birthday - Happy Birthday Ma!  However since I'm a million miles away from here, I unfortunately can not celebrate with her; this is a common occurrence since we are a military family.  But every year I try to make sure she gets something special, especially since my dad and brother's are exactly on the same page as I am.  This year I bartered with a friend of mine who is starting up a small business of her own.  What she came up with was COMPLETELY awesome, I bow down to her cake decorating greatness!  Here's the cake she made for my mom:

She even personalized it with the eye colors of my brother's and me (the big bunny is my mom, and the 4 smaller bunnies are my brothers).  How cute is this?!

So if you are in the Paducah area (West Kentucky for all you non locals) and in need of a awesome custom cake for any occasion be sure to check out Cathy's site at Cathy's Cakes!

Ciao Bellas!


  1. Lovely outfits and oh, what an adorable cake! Happy B'day to your mom!

    And hey, I've been to Paducah! :D

  2. Love it the cake and the outfits! Thanks to Liberty Jane on Facebook, I found your blog! So excited!
    Thank you!

  3. Awww thank you so much Rough Magic Creations :) Thank you so much for posting this, I was so honored to do it for her. I am so glad you guys loved it!!

  4. Gorgeous outfits! Particularly the one on the left. This just gave me a great idea for a doll sweater!