Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Your Egg-Hiders - Mollie and Joe

Etsy Maine Team has several shop owners that are family with other shop owners.  Of course, you know that Mallory and I both have shops.  Today's featured shop owners are a married couple, with shops of their very own!
First up is Mollie from Rough Magic Creations (always ladies first :D)

Amber Glass and Copper Earrings
 I love taking a minute and reading profiles of the etsy shop owners, and I'll admit I'm a bit dissappointed when there is really nothing to read.  However Rough Magic Creations offers some insight on the story behind the name and pieces.  Of course, seeing all the beautiful pieces of jewelry and other hand created treasures can also lend insight to the beauty within the artisan herself.

What enticed you to join in on this Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt?
Being a scavenger at heart, I couldn't resist this Easter Egg Hunt. I've always enjoyed including found objects in my creations, and the state of Maine is a treasure trove of Nature's gifts - pine cones, birch bark, seashells, beach stones - all of which manage to turn up here and there throughout my shop.

What is your fondest memory of Easter?
My best memories of Easter are from my childhood - white patent leather mary janes with a matching wee purse, white socks trimmed in pink, a dotted swiss dress, a straw bonnet covered with tiny velvet verbena blossoms. And of course that pretty Easter basket of white straw lined with bright green faux grass. I can still taste those yummy marshmallow eggs!

Next up is Joe from Prosperos Bookshelf

The Magic Curtain
 One of the most treasured gifts given to me was an old copy of plays written by Henrik Ibsen (my favorite playwright).  The book was old and tattered, the cover barely hanging on by a string, the pages yellowed from age; yet it held a magic for me.  Prosperos Bookshelf holds a similar magic, although the books are in much better condition than my beloved Ibsen.  And super cool additive, I've learned that Joe is descended from a voyager on the ship that inspired Shakespeare's play "The Tempest"!

Tell us a little about yourself:
As a teacher of American and Asian dramatic literature, I accumulated 2,000+ books and countless theatrical artifacts over the years. Now that I'm no longer teaching, I opened my shop as a way of finding good homes for all the books, puppets, masks, and playbills languishing on my shelves. Now postcards, photos and other vintage items from Maine have found their way into my shop, and I always enjoy sending them to new homes too.

What is your fondest Easter memory?
My best Easter memory is the morning my brother, my sister and I awoke before dawn and, with other spiffed up members of our Sunday School, piled into our minister's big 12-cylinder touring car (Packard?) for the ride to a park on Portland's then ritzy Eastern Promenade. There we held a service, while watching the sunrise over Casco Bay.

Have you found all the eggs and submitted your answer, yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Check out the blog for details if you need a reminder! And search "easteregghunt" on Etsy for an easy way of finding the eggs! Good Luck!


  1. Thank you so much for this article, it was lovely to read about Mollie and Joe - they are two of my favorite Etsians!

    I can just picture Mollie in her white mary janes, and would love to rummage through Joe's bookshelves :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love reading about all the talented people on Etsy!

  3. Awesome feature! Love those earrings!

  4. Great feature!! Mollie and Joe have WONDERFUL shops - take a look!!!

  5. Nice post! Lovely to see Mollie and Joe here!! Great people and shops!

  6. What an awesome feature, and great shops!! Mollie I can just picture you in that Easter outfit (I think I had one exactly like that!!)